We know Christmas shopping can be overwhelming even when there isn’t a global pandemic added to the mix. 

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide, filled with ideas for everyone on your list. The best part? Everything in our guide lives up to the ethical standards we hold dear at Frank & Georgia. 

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When shopping for jewelry, we’ve all found ourselves asking, What’s vermeil? What’s the difference between gold plated and gold filled? Will this turn my skin green? Why did this cost so much if it breaks so easily? 

Finding jewelry you love shouldn’t be overwhelming or confusing—we believe in fine jewelry made simple. Frank & Georgia began as a quest to understand the answers to questions like these, and making the jewelry industry easier to understand remains one of our primary goals. 

Today we’re covering the seven most common types of metal used in jewelry making: solid gold, gold-filled, gold vermeil, gold plated, sterling silver, platinum, and brass.