What We Value

  • Sustainability

    We’re all-in when it comes to the “slow fashion” movement. We believe in reducing waste, prioritizing quality over quantity, supporting small businesses, and shopping local. We’re committed to using materials that will last & creating timeless designs you’ll want to wear now and later.

  • Ethics

    We believe in feeling good about the purchases we make, which is why we rigorously source all of our metals and gems from ethical producers. Unjust mining and labor practices are much too common within the jewelry industry, and we’re committed to doing things differently. 

  • Longevity

    There’s a beautiful magic in wearing jewelry passed down through generations. We want our pieces to become beloved heirlooms, so we prioritize durable metals, timeless designs, and careful construction. 

  • Rituals & Rhythms

    Our lives are built on rhythms and made rich by rituals. It’s the everyday joys that sustain us, so we create jewelry you can wear day-in and day-out without fear of it breaking or deteriorating. We also believe in celebrating special occasions, and marking momentous occasions with thoughtful gifts, so we create pieces that can serve as reminders of those beautiful moments.

  • Beauty

    Beauty enriches our lives—whether it’s a song, painting, book, or piece of jewelry, we believe in surrounding yourself with beauty. Fancy feels good, so we create fine jewelry you can wear everyday—not just on special occasions. And we prioritize ethics in our production practices, so you can wear our pieces knowing you’ve helped to make the world a better place. Now that’s beautiful.

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Who We Are

Hi, we’re Aubree and Jared! Husband & wife, parents to Aera, and founders of Frank & Georgia. Both native Texans, we’ve been a team since 1998 and have been on the lookout for new adventures ever since.

Aubree inherited an appreciation for heirloom jewelry from her grandmother, so Jared always found beautifully unique pieces for birthdays and anniversaries. As much as she loved each piece, they often broke or became discolored with everyday use.

An art major in college, Aubree decided to dust off her sculpting skills to create more durable jewelry in the styles she’d come to love as a child during visits to the southwest. And with motherhood making work as a full-time photographer unrealistic, jewelry making (easily done from home) became a sorely needed creative outlet.

Seeing the joy that came with jewelry design, Jared encouraged Aubree to turn her hobby into a business. With his background in digital marketing and advertising, he provided the practical support to Aubree’s creative vision.

Two years later, we’re so happy we chose this adventure, and we’re humbled by the opportunity to create pieces you’ll cherish for years to come.